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. >> the former head of the u.s. military team in libya testifying he was never able to get the number of forces needed to protect the compound where ambassador stevens was killed. the lt. colonel wood revealing security in benghazi remained a struggle the entire time he was there. democrats trying to pin the blame on budget cutbacks by republicans. >> perhaps if there were more resources we might have had a different result. i must note, though, that while the republican budget increases the budget of the defense defendant, it slashes the budget that would have protected these diplomats. >> i might note that the funding that is currently enjoyed by the state department was voted bipartisan, one more democrat voting for the appropriations than republicans. >>neil: they are putting it on all republicans and it ain't flying well with senator graham. you have heard that. what do you think of that? >>guest: as the ranking republican on the foreign operations subcommittee that funds the state department and that is a bunch of garbage. this is about -- you talk about the fiscal cliff being predictable
department operations e-mail comes out that the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi is under attack, and 4:54, it goes into the first e-mail out to all of the people, not only in the state department but the f.b.i. also inside the white house that approximately 20 armed men are firing shots and explosions are being heard and the ambassador is currently inside the compound, hold off in the safe haven, and less than an hour later the firing has stopped and a response team is trying to find out what happened to the chief of mission, and about two hours later, it says that the islamic military group claims responsibility for benghazi attack on facebook and twitter. they is called for an attack on the embassy in tripoli. secretary of state, hillary clinton today said that posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence and it underscores how fluid the situation was. and continued to be. the white house press secretary said the group later denied they were involved in the attack. the problem with the statements, neil, the one person, the one person would has been arrested so far,
to the highest level in two weeks, and there was the greenback, the u.s. dollar also showing weakness on the session posting the first five-day loss against the euro currency in three weeks. as one trader put it today, money was being taken off the table in almost every aspect of the market following that government jobs report. if you ask if traders were buying it? not so much. >> thank you. will the jobs report give my next guest a boost in the poll? blue dog democrat matheson is in the fight of his love with republican mia love, and she was on year. today is the congressman's chance to respond. your opponent was challenging your record yesterday. take a listen to what she said. i want your reaction. >> he voted for the $787 billion stimulus. he voted for "cash for clunkers" the he voted against the repeal of obamacare. he has to answer those, not only do we have to do that but you have to find a way after that to provide solutions for the problems that we face. >> congressman, go ahead. she points out you voted for "cash for clunkers" and obamacare. >>guest: that is not true. that
tweet as you watching it, and get the foreign market react as they debating, our u.s. futures market reaction as it is going on, in one place on one network, the network for this sort of stuff. we will be following up more on this whole thing with hillary clinton and libya and whether she "crawled under the bus," and what that could mean and a big financier talking to us about why he decided to avoid this bias thing and go full throttle for mitt romney. he says can you not cut your way out of this piling debt, you have to "boom" your way out it. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. ♪ anything, yes, i'd do anything ♪ ♪ anything for you ♪ [ slap! ] [ sla
they knew, how they knew, they understand live video for seven hours of u.s. individuals, ambassadors, c.i.a. people, state department people, being attacked and they did nothing. it was lick they were watching 9/11 happen and just were holding back the police and the fire department and say, wait, we have to really see was it terrorism or a workplace even. they are terrible people, neil, the idea that for seven hours the white house watched americans being killed without trying to get marines there from one our embassies in the region, maybe the british had people, was no help sent or even apparently thought about being sent. >>neil: what about the defense secretary saying, you always have to look at the fezzibility of what you have to do and this is a clear and purpose will end game that wouldn't do more damage than you already have getting those guys out of there, our soldiers out of there. what do you make of that? >>guest: baloney. whatever it takes to save americans who are serving the country overseas especially since we knew it was in progress when it was in progress. we heard mr
d -- multitask here i veneit o a lunch and talk at the same time. >> the former head of the u.s. military team in libya geebe fsde was nevele to te tomd w baorte killed. the lt. colonel wood revealing security in benghazi remained a struggle the entire time he was there. democrats trying to pin the pps tee budgettb resources we might have had a different result. i must note, though, tt wle thdgth dseican budgetncrees thou have protected these diplomats. >> i might note that the funding that is currently enjoyed by the biisonre drament was v th republicans. >>neil: they are putting it on all republicans and it ain't flying well with senator graha you have heard that. what do you ink of that? >>gues a theanng opioubitthor ths a bunch of garbage. this is about -- you talk about the fiscal cliff being predictable, what is predictable with aack of securyia ias t w, ul a embassies will be attacked. we need to get to the real secuty situation? did people make a request were they denied? re of the video in did she say that based on inteigence for five days? she said it five days after
been an on secret that china has has been phishing u.s. corporate secrets. this takes it to a whole new level. an expert on all these china says this doesn't only prove how brazen the chinese are, but how unprepared we are. good to see you. hacking a computer isn't rocket science. getting to the level of the white house is noteworthy. >>guest: will, they went into the military office, that is the one responsible for keeping america's nuclear launch codes. they could compromise those, we would be in a real world of hurt. you are right, they have gotten so far. part of the reason is because attackers normally have an advantage. that element is, for years we have been afraid to acknowledge that the chinese have been behind unprecedented series of attacks not only for espionage but also to try all sorts of other things. if we are not willing to have the honest conversations with the chinese and with ourselves, of course we can't do very much to protect american networks. >>neil: but we are afraid of the chinese they own so much our debt. companies want to be often their good side and expand
did mother knows best become government knows best? the u.s. department of agriculture thinks that school lunch program is so great it is now telling parents to serve the same stuff to kids at home. is that getting a little too close to home? all rise, judge. >>judge napolitano: you said mother knows best which is mother bloomburg is called in new york city, mother bloomburg. >>neil: i have heard "mother" but there are other words attach to that. >>judge napolitano: because his efforts it regulate private behavior. the government gets all of its powers from the consent of the governed. we have never could be scented to allow any government to tell us what to eat in our homes. for the department of agriculture to take their authority to regulate the movement of food and interstate commerce and claim that it somehow has the authority to regulate food on our tables, that is unconstitutional. it is unfair. it is unlawful. it is against the laws of nature. it is accruing for itself power we never gave. >>neil: i will put you down as "not liking" this. >>judge napolitano: mildly. >>
be traced to a u.s. address and obama campaign does not have that firewall in place. they got caught four years ago and they fixed it. this time, they ought to have known better, they ought to have known better and they still do not have it in place. here is the kick other, on that website for president obama, if you go on the site and buy campaign merchandise, a t-shirt or a cap, you have to type in all of that information so the firewall exists for all of the swag. >>eric: it is not an oversight, but they apply it to the purchases of campaign swag but not the donation site. and mitt romney's website? >>guest: he has the firewalls in place and everything is traceable. >>eric: last night, president obama could be making an excuse, a sign of desperation from the campaign saying, look, we are doing a lot of things. i am not perfect. take a listen. >> incredible professionals, such great friends and they just perform flawlessly, night after night. i can't always say the same. earthquake, he is talking to a group of big donors? >>guest: he is on a campaign swing in los angeles and tonight in
and what he might do to us is truly troubling. >>neil: he is trying to go after u.s. multinational oil concerns there, and many argue that with this new lease on life he will up that considerably. >>guest: i think the risk of adventure inreally does grow substantially. one of then he has done is loot the venezuela oil industry. he has not reinvested money and capital expenditures and has really spent the profits rather than using them in a businesslike fashion. so he has constraint down the road. he is unconstrained in helping narcoterrorists against colombia and interfering with elections through the hemisphere. or dealing with the russians on arms sales and potential nuclear reactors and cozying up with ayatollahs of tehran and helping them land during money in violations of sanctions. chavez has an extraordinary career. six more years unless cancer brings them down is daunting for the united states especially in a second obama term where there will not be any push back. >>neil: the health prospects is not an immediate concern, although it could change. if he feels emboldened by the
of the "uss cole" attack a little more than a month after the benghazi attacks that claimed the life of the u.s. ambassador there. we are only learning now that the original story we are being told what happened then is not jibing with what in fact, actually happened then. and now the senator from new hampshire is here and all things tonight. senator, i was mentioning to my staff earlier, not jokingly, maybe we should write down ought the dates and all anniversaryies because --. >>guest: you think of what happened in libya on 9/11 to fought have heightened security on that day and if light of having the head of al qaeda calls for attacks because we killed his number two in libya on a drone attack. what happened in yemen, of course, with the security official --. >>neil: that could have been bigger. >>guest: absolutely. >>neil: what is going on, senator, beside yemen and beach gaza and the uprising we have seen in cairo? it is more than a film, obviously, it seems to be something bigger or grander or more evil. >>guest: well, unfortunately, what the president has been saying that al qaeda has be
promising page 3 in u.s.a. today so read it and weep. the stepper expert on our collective shrug. man, mike, obviously if it happened it would be a different reaction are we that blase? >>guest: i have a problem with the fbi sting operation because we don't know what is going on in the country but the most important thing here again it undoes the obama scenario that al qaeda died with osama bin laden. the gentleman they enticed was enticed because he thought he was dealing with al qaeda and the memory of osama bin laden. it really is the media, especially the post and "new york times" and the major news channels have really hidden the expansion of al qaeda in the year since president obama has taken off. >>neil: i always wonder and you follow this more closely than i would, we see some of the idiot whose pop up, like this guy, probably not a wise my if you trying to be undercover to announce you want to start a jihads probably not the sharpest but i think of the underwear bomber, the shoe bomber, they are not mensa candidates. but there are people like a mohammed atta who are planning with
to represent and have the opportunity to represent the people of district 21. 10 years ago i did become a u.s. citizen the happy of the day my life and i promised god i would be a servant of the community. i wanted to serve the united states of america to the best of my ability. >>neil: why as an independent, you could is run as a republican, where there were no republics running, what is the deal? >>guest: as i walk around my district people are tires of the politics going on in washington, most political parties will tell you that washington is broken, and politicians will tell you that washington is broken. but the reality is, the membership american voter is responsible to what is going on in washington. we have to be honest and realize we are responsible for putting the same politicians back in washington that are backed by special interests, corporates, and have those interests more ahead than the american people's interests. >>neil: who do you think speaks more two the immigrant community, the latino immigrant community, you started obviouslyily and you became legal and rubio said ther
part d premium in the u.s. call now for a free information kit. you'll receive a summary of plan benefits and an enrollment form. aarp medicarerx plans insured through unitedhealthcare. call today. ♪ ♪ >> neil: finally, this just grossed me out. i saw this anchor, my gosh, he was so incredibly fat, he looked like a balloon. how do they let somebody like that on the air? really. this guy was visually offensive. his face was so huge, his cheeks, my god! wait a minute you say, who are you, neil, to be lecturing anyone for big cheeks? who am i indeed. which is why i wouldn't do that or say that, why i wouldn't especially hint. that knowing that that is totally broadcast b.s., which makes me wonder why the president is calling out his opponent for b.s., telling "rolling stone" magazine that he is a he may be, but that assumes that you are not. a guy who shifted position on the middle east faster than me at baskins robbins. saying he wouldn't hike premiums that have seen the premiums soar. the other guy is a the best defense is a good offense, but give one for the p
of the markets is in coordination with all u.s. equities, bonds, options and derivatives markets on tuesday" and the america style exchange where oil and gold we confirmed moments ago, will be shut in lower manhattan again but the products will continue to trade by electronics and interest rate futures and stock futures we have confirmed the betrayed again tonight and stock index futures will trade again tonight but they will close early at 8:15 a.m., central time 9:15 eastern tomorrow morning and the risk pose by hurricane sandy made manhattan the ghost town with most offices shut down. when area where traders focused was oil and gasoline, two-thirds of the refineries on the east coast were shut down and that led to a spike in gasoline prices and a sell off in oil with oil falling to levels not seen in months in the session. the new york stock exchange said in a statement it fully intends to re-open the stock exchange on wednesday october 31st which of course is halloween. all depending on the weather. >>neil: and the flooding. thank you, very much. now the chief operating officer at the
because they don't know what the rules are. this is having a huge negative impact on the u.s. economy and it is all right the most sadistic tax code in the word. >>neil: the twin hits will be substantial. a pox on both parties for bringing it to the brink. thank you very much. is congress just trying to wait this thing out until the election results are in? it has south carolina congressman very worried. you have said time is awasting and it is up to both parties to put something together. it doesn't look like they will ahead of the election, and maybe because they think maybe republicans think if romney were elected, maybe embolden by a republican senate they might be able to put a deal together more of their liking and democrats waiting out to re-elect rebound, much the same thing but that limits the amount of time they can do anything, right? >>guest: absolutely. no doubt about it. we find ourselves in dire straits right now. the bottom line is the house of representatives has actedded. it must be clear. on sequestration, the house of representatives has acted. on the country tax c
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)